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Top 10 Best Studies for Parents

As I mentioned awhile back, I’ve been working steadily to transition some important activities here at Parent in the Know to broaden our offerings. I’ve also had several large and very interesting consulting projects I’ve been working on. As a result, I haven’t been blogging as regularly. But…I’ve been following the research in parenting, education, and psychology and posting on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

There has been some really compelling and enlightening research published recently. I thought I would take the opportunity to share my top ten recent favorites with you.

This is truly Research News You Can Use!

  1. Dads-wondering how to support Moms? Help them get enough sleep! Study shows kids=less sleep for women but not men. Click here for the link to the findings.
  2. Important research-based advice for navigating the tricky balance of listening vs reacting to your teen’s negative online experiences! Click here for the link to the findings.
  3. Research finds harsh parenting pushes teens away who then rely too heavily on peers = cascading negative outcomes. Click here for the link to the findings.
  4. More evidence of the far reaching impacts children have on one another-encouraging that it’s positive! Click here for the link to the findings.
  5. An excellent example of how research can and should inform public education policy-this time on school start time and teen functioning and well-being. Click here for the link to the findings.
  6. More negative impacts of complex media on young children-they miss superheros defend and emulate the aggression. Click here for the link to the findings.
  7. For behavior, teen’s view of your parenting discipline style is more telling than yours shows research. Click here for the link to the findings.
  8. Very insightful research-“illusory success” like letting young kids win at games undermines their judgment skills. Click here for the link to the findings.
  9. Fascinating insight into the brains of young depressed children finding lack of positive response to rewards. Click here for the link to the findings.
  10. Social media can be stressful & dangerous for kids. Learn why, how & ways to help them positively navigate. Click here for the link to the findings.

Written April 2017

About the Author

Lilla Dale McManis, MEd., PhD., is President & CEO of Parent in the know. She uses her training and experience as a psychologist, child developmentalist, educator, researcher, and parent to promote positive child outcomes through informed and effective practices. Dr. McManis believes strongly in and enjoys translating research into meaningful practice.

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