Parent Coaching


Are you looking for support in your parenting journey?

Parent coaching is about getting the affirming, non-judgmental support you need for your unique parenting experience. Parent coaching can help you be a more effective parent who feels a greater sense of satisfaction in the parental role.

In short…to help you be the parent you want to be to your children!

Coaching works by helping you think about and articulate where you are having difficulty and where you have strengths, both in parenting and in other areas of your life that impact parenting. Then working together with Dr. Lilla Dale McManis, who is a certified parent coach and a PhD in psychology, she will be with you as your guide to learning how to approach and handle the innumerable parenting situations that arise in the day-to-day life of a parent.

Parent coaching is based on self-discovery and self-reflection, but can also benefit from weaving in parent education. Dr. McManis takes this approach. When you work with her, you receive:

  • No cost consultation to determine goodness of fit
  • Choice between single sessions or monthly package
  • Choice of phone, Skype or FaceTime sessions
  • Two complementary assessments with one month package
  • Discounts on additional assessments
  • Activities for deeper reflection of your needs, goals and values
  • Practical strategies for improving your parenting

Parent coaching is a tool that will help you not only have a better parenting experience for yourself, it will help your child or children reach their optimal potential both now and in the long run.


Individual sessions               $75

Monthly sessions (set of 4)   $275

Please visit the contact page to connect with Dr. McManis for your free, initial consultation session.