Parent Coaching Sessions

Before ordering, please consider scheduling a 15 minute free consultation with Dr. McManis. This will help better ensure working together is a good fit. To do so, please visit and fill out the form on the Request Appointment Page

You may elect to purchase individual one hour parent coaching sessions or one month of sessions (usually 4 weekly sessions). 

When you order either a one hour session or a set of monthly sessions, you will receive links directly on the purchase confirmation page and by email for two forms, both completed online.

  • One is an Intake Form. Information from this will be used to schedule your sessions(s). Other information from the form will be used for discussion in your session.
  • The second is an activity called the Parent Quick Check-Up. This information will also be used in your session. 

If you order a month of sessions, you will receive additional activities and two complementary online assessments. Dr. McManis will make these available to you via direct email. 


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