Frequently Asked Questions


If you do not find the answers to your questions within the website or below in these FAQs, please submit them through our on-line Contact Form or contact us by email or phone and we will make sure you receive all the information you need.

Why these assessments?

Our assessments have been selected to be those that most accurately and comprehensively meet the goals of Parent in the Know–to help you understand more about yourself in the parenting role and about your child’s social-emotional-behavioral functioning. Only professionally developed, published assessments that have met a high standard of reliability and validity are acceptable for our parents.

Are the assessments for parents of children of any age?

Yes. There are assessments for parents who are expecting, who have infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school age children, and teens. 

If I have more than one child can I complete any of the assessments just once for all my kids?

It depends. Some of the parenting assessments are appropriate for parenting either one or more than one child. Others are unique to your relationship with one particular child. The description of the assessment will say “any number of children” or “individual child” to let you know. 

How long does it take to complete an assessment? 

The assessments are various lengths, but are designed for you to be able to complete in one sitting. They range approximately from 5 to 20 minutes. 

How are the prices for the assessments determined? 

The assessments have various numbers of separate scores. This is used to set the price.

Can I send the assessments to others?

No. The assessments must remain secure to maintain their integrity and validity. Therefore it is not allowable for you to distribute the assessments to others. However, you may share the results afterwards in your report with anyone you like. You must also return all assessment forms if you receive any by mail. 

Can I order an assessment for myself and my parenting partner(s)?

Yes. We are very encouraging of all parenting partners (spouse/partner, stepparents, grandparents, etc.) learning more about themselves in the parental role and about the children in their care; but because ordering includes that one accept the Terms of Use, most importantly of keeping the assessments secure and understanding they are for informational and educational purposes only, the person who orders is accepting them on behalf of themselves and any other parenting partner. If you are not comfortable doing so we recommend each person order separately.

What if I want to know in the future how or if my results have changed?

You may take the online assessment(s) you have purchased again at any time by keeping the link. The paper-and-pencil assessments will need to be purchased again due to needing to send new forms and the extensive time it takes to score. We do recommend a minimum of 3 months to accurately reflect change or stability in parenting and child functioning. 

How do I receive the assessments and then the report with results?

Once you place your order,  you will receive an email that has the assessment form download right there. This makes it very easy to complete. There are just two assessment that will be mailed to you through US Mail with confirmation-of-delivery. 

You will get your results for the online assessments immediately when you submit your responses. There is an option to download and save the results and report as PDF. For mail-in forms, you will receive the results in a PDF by email once the scoring, analysis, and interpretation is complete and your report is ready, usually within 2 business days. 

What if I have questions about how to complete the assessments?

Each assessment has instructions. However, if you need any help with completing the assessments, you may reach out to us right away and we will gladly assist you.

What if I have questions about the scores and results in my report?

Each assessment includes an optional phone check-in to discuss your report with Dr. Lilla Dale McManis. We encourage you to use this option by completing the on-line Request for Appointment or by calling us to set up your appointment.

Who can I share my results with?

Unlike the assessments themselves, you may share the results in your report with anyone with whom you would like. To do so we recommend you use the download and save as PDF option for the online assessments. For the mail-in assessments, you will receive your results in PDF. 

Can these assessment results be used to get services for myself or my child? 

These assessments may be the same used by various clinicians. However, from Parent in the Know they are for educational and informational purposes for you. They are not intended to diagnosis or to serve as a type of clinical service. Ordering the assessments and receiving our services indicates that you agree to these Terms of Use. However, you are welcome and encouraged to share your report with service providers and clinicians, such as teachers, physicians, psychologists, or counselors.

How are coaching and counseling or therapy different? 

Counseling and therapy are traditionally more focused on mental health issues, looking for and addressing symptoms, attuned to deeper underlying causes of behavior, and therapists think of and refer to whom they see as ‘patients’. Coaching is traditionally more focused on more common, day-to-day issues that everyone faces. Coaches refer to whom they see as ‘clients’. They help clients articulate and develop a plan that fits with the client’s values to help them get on a track that feels right for them. There are many kinds of coaches, with parent coaching being of course focused on the person as parent.

Is what I share confidential? 

Yes. The coach-client relationship is a place where you can feel safe and comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings. However, coaches are obligated to report to the proper authorities any allegations of physical or sexual abuse or neglect of minors, elders, or vulnerable adults; or any direct threat to harm oneself or another person.

What issues do you as a parent coach address? 

Typically I can address any issue in parenting that is important to a particular parent. Every parent and their children and family is unique. However, there are several areas that are quite common for many parents to experience some challenges around. These include:

  • wanting a more peaceful household that runs smoothly and where there is listening, respect, cooperation, and contribution among all members;
  • schooling where parents are concerned about children not being motivated, which can come out in many ways from homework battles to not getting out of bed in the morning on time to having conflicts with teachers and peers at school;
  • certain challenges faced at various developmental stages of children’s lives like health habits such as sleep and nutrition, behaviors such as tantrums and aggression, and children’s and teen’s need for autonomy and independence; and
  • life events such as a new baby in the family, moving, a parent going back to work, or divorce or remarriage.
Do you have a particular approach? 

Yes. My role as a coach is helping a parent discover and express their personal potential. I do so by practicing and modeling active listening so that parents can engage in self-reflection and self-discovery. My approach is to use active listening in the sessions but also in the form of activities and exercises that parents complete on their own and then which we use in the sessions. Additionally, when relevant and helpful to inform parents, I weave in parent education about child development and positive parenting practices that are related to optimal outcomes for children.

Do you take insurance for the parent coaching sessions? 

No. Most insurance companies do not cover parent coaching, however, each plan is different of course and you are welcome to submit on your own behalf.

Do I have to commit to a lengthy contract? 

No. You may purchase one session or a month of sessions and you decide if you would like to continue. However, whether with Parent in the Know or another parent coach, receiving parent coaching for a longer number of sessions increases the benefits for most parents.