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We have many of our blogs in video version on the Parent in the Know YouTube channel.

Short and concise, these videoblogs are perfect for when you have just 5 to 15 minutes and want to learn about the research and get strategies for parenting and optimal child outcomes.

I’ve put together this list so you can see some of what we have to offer and have quick access to the links by clicking on the title.

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Parenting Stages

This video is just under 10 minutes. Did you know parenting has distinct stages? Learn about the research on stages of parenting through the lens of child development and the major tasks for parents.

Where Is Your Parenting Going?

This video is just under 6 minutes. Parenting can be tough with shaming and misinformed advice. See examples and how to get guidance to find your path to being a great parent.

Why Conditional Parental Love Hurts Kids

This video is 7 minutes. We look at research behind conditional and unconditional love and impacts on children. See how conditional love is connected to poor outcomes in emotions and academics while unconditional love predicts better outcomes.

The Tricky Balance of Parental Protectiveness

This video is just under 8 minutes. It can be tricky to balance parental protectiveness with support for autonomy. Learn why this is so important for optimal child outcomes.

Why Manners Matter

This video is 11 minutes. Explore the research behind manners and how as a parent you can best support the development in children to balance individualism with social-mindedness.

Child Lying and Parenting

This video is just over 10 ½ minutes. It presents research findings to explore the development, types, and impacts of parenting on child lying.

Parenting for School Success

This video is 7 ½ minutes. It explores the research on the impact of parenting and the most effective types of parent involvement for school success for children.

Parenting for Successful Homework

This video is just over 14 minutes. It covers the research on parents’ role in homework with loads of tips for success to overcome homework battles.

Parent in the Know Info Video

This video is just under 3 minutes. Learn about the 3 main tools Parent in the Know offers for a great parenting journey: assessment, coaching, and consulting.

We hope you enjoy the videoblogs!

Please also let us know your suggestions for topics of interest to parents for a blog and video. 

Dr. Lilla Dale McManis-President & Founder





Article Date: August 25, 2017

About the Author

Lilla Dale McManis, MEd., PhD., uses her training and experience as a psychologist, child developmentalist, educator, researcher, and parent to promote positive child outcomes through informed and effective practices.  Dr. McManis is President of Parent in the Know. She believes strongly in and enjoys translating research into meaningful practice.

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