Over the past years an enormous transformation in raising children has taken place. Parents and families increasingly come in different “sizes and shapes” and society has become more complex and demanding. This has led to parents being less certain of themselves in the parenting role while at the same time necessitating greater skill in parenting to support their children’s optimal outcomes than required of previous generations.

Did you know? A Google search of “parenting” returns over 200,000,000 results. Without an informed understanding of where your parenting and your child’s social-emotional strengths are and areas of difficulty, precious time will be spent swimming in this vast sea each time you attempt to improve yourself as a parent to help your child be his or her best. We give you an objective, comprehensive view of yourself and your child so you have a solid place from which to learn about and implement best parenting practices that work best for you, your child, and your family. 

To support today’s parents in the parenting journey, we developed the Parent in the Know Service to be:

  • Based on how YOU individually feel, think, and practice parenting
  • A path of insight into your child’s unique behavioral-social-emotional functioning
  • Results-driven using the best research on parenting and child-rearing while honoring your values
  • Confidential and cost-effective, providing a high return-on-investment


Benefits of Using the Parent in the Know Service    

1) Our service is research-based and credible.

The credibility of many sources for parenting information is questionable. Relying on sources where the individuals have no formal training in child development, psychology, research, or parent education is risky. Parent in the Know has this credibility because with PhD’s in psychology and 60 years combined experience, we have this expertise and we are parents, too.

The assessments used by Parent in the Know are sound compared to those found in places such as parenting magazines or quiz-style on websites, which lack reliability and validity. Our assessments have been developed by psychologists and physicians and have a solid research foundation. These have been taken by thousands of parents and have been included in many published research studies, further demonstrating their appropriateness and usefulness.

The parent coaching approach is based on positive parenting. It draws on the authoritative parenting style, positive discipline, active listening, resilience, personal values, and self-actualization. 

2) The results provide invaluable insight. 

You gain a deep understanding of yourself in the parental role and of your child’s behavioral-social-emotional functioning. The interpretation you receive from the assessments with the scores is extensive. The activities shared with you in parent coaching will help you reflect and articulate your parenting in the context of you personally, your child(ren), and your family. This knowledge allows you to parent more effectively.  

You will learn in detail the extent to which your feelings, attitudes, and behaviors reflect what decades of research have proven to be effective parenting related to positive child outcomes. You will learn how your child compares with peers on behavioral-social-emotional functioning and how to support optimal wellness and success. 

3) The process is stress-free.

The service is provided remotely rather than having to visit an office. This makes it private and also much more cost-effective.

Of the 36 assessments we offer, 34 are completed online. You receive your results and the accompanying report immediately. You have the option to download and save your results as well. Two child behavior assessments are completed by paper and pencil-we mail the assessments to you and you mail them back in the postage-paid envelope provided. Your report is prepared and sent to you by email within two day of our receiving your forms. 

Designed to be answered as self-report, the assessments have instructions for you. You work at your own pace and do not have to feel rushed or pressured as you answer the questions. If you have any questions along the way about how to complete an assessment, we are here to guide you.

Parent coaching is done by phone or Skype. We have appointments available to meet your schedule, many in the evenings and on weekends. You can do a single session or sign up for a month of weekly sessions. Before you do, you have the opportunity to have a free initial consultation to make sure you would like to work with Dr. McManis. 

4) The results of the assessments and coaching sessions are easy-to-interpret with practical, proven best practices.

The assessment reports are laid out in a systematic manner. They walk you through all Parenting Wellness and Child Behavioral-Social-Emotional Wellness Scores and show you the research-based interpretation with definitions, characteristics, and impacts. You may also speak with Dr. Lilla Dale McManis about your results.

To help you find the best parenting guidance for specifics in an on-going manner, we include a comprehensive set of vetted resources in the reports. These are resources where the credibility of the experts has been verified.

You will receive an in-depth handbook and other materials to facilitate your parent coaching experience. After each coaching session, you will receive notes with feedback about what was discussed along with additional activities. 

5) We support you in your parenting journey in an ongoing manner.

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