How it Works

We offer 36 unique assessments. Ordering and taking the assessments is incredibly easy.

1) Choose an assessment. You can select one or as many as you like.

2) After checking out, you receive a link both on the purchase confirmation page and in an email for each assessment you purchased. 

3) Click the link(s) to fill out the assessment questionnaire(s). It works on any device and takes just a few minutes. 

4) You receive your results immediately along with an in-depth report to help interpret your results. 

*The exception is a social skills/child behavior assessment which you receive by regular mail, complete on paper forms, and mail back.

Getting Started

You can use the menu bar or click one of the links below to see the details of the assessments and to order.

Parenting Stress Assessments

Parent-Child Relationship Assessments

Parenting Styles Assessments

Understanding & Handling Children Assessments

Parenting Confidence & Satisfaction Assessments

Child Social-Emotional-Behavioral Assessments