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Parent in the Know provide tools to make the parenting journey great.

Our mission is to help parents and children have a positive experience and achieve optimal outcomes. 

We do so by providing assessment, parent coaching, and business consulting.

The research-based assessments and parent coaching help you…

Learn more about yourself and your children

Increase your parenting effectiveness and satisfaction

Facilitate positive child outcomes

You get answers to critical questions such as:

  • Is the stress I’m feeling as a parent out of control?
  • How appropriate and effective are my parenting responses?
  • How healthy is my relationship with my child?
  • How well is my child doing with his/her social skills and behavior? 
  • What impact can all this have on my child?
  • How can I be a better and more satisfied parent?

Before Parent in the Know, the opportunity to complete research-based assessments was not possible for more than a very few parents.

Our service now makes this available for all parents. 

The assessments also make a valuable contribution for professionals in their work with clients. 

Highlights of the Assessment Service

  1. Large library of 36 assessments
  2. Completed easily online
  3. In-depth reports 
  4. Cost-effective 
  5. Confidential
Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a powerful method to help parents self-discover and be the parent they want to be.

Dr. Lilla Dale McManis is a certified parent coach and uses a supporting, guiding, and affirming approach.

Each parent, child, and family is unique and coaching plans are customized for each client.

Highlights of the Parenting Coaching Service

  1. Free initial consultation
  2. Single sessions or monthly packages
  3. By phone or Skype/Facetime
  4. Activities and practical strategies
  5. Complementary and discounted assessments 

Why Parent in the Know?

Research shows being a parent is one of the most highly desired aspects of self-identity.

Yet almost two-thirds of adults report feeling unprepared for parenthood.

Many parents are struggling with feelings of stress, lack of confidence, and don’t know why they feel unsatisfied in their role as parents.

Much of this is related to findings that a) parents have gaps in their knowledge of child development and b) without meaning to are using parenting practices that are undermining their goal of raising competent and well-adjusted children.

Such findings led Dr. Lilla Dale McManis and Dr. Mark McManis, both PhDs in psychology and parents themselves, to create Parent in the Know. 

Our mission is to promote effective parenting and optimal outcomes for children.

Our contribution is to provide you accurate, reliable, and valid knowledge about yourself in the parental role and about your child’s functioning and well-being. 

How you’ll improve your parenting

Your new knowledge of yourself and your child will empower you as you strive to reach the ideal destination of your parenting journey–your child being a happy, well-adjusted, and accomplished individual.

The information and support we provide means you’ll have a stronger sense of yourself and your child.

Not only will you know how to more effectively handle parenting situations so that your children thrive, you personally will more deeply experience the rewards the parental role offers.

Business Consulting

Parent in the Know also works with business clients.

Our specialty is working with individuals and companies who have products and services that are for parents and children and who want their work to have a solid research-basis.

Many of them are starting businesses as a result of their own experiences as parents.

We have worked with dozens of clients to help them make their dreams a reality.

Highlights of the Business Consulting Services

  1. Product development
  2. Research and evaluation
  3. Writing
  4. Crafting marketing messages 
  5. Hourly or by project rates

We're Glad You're Here!

Thank you for taking your valuable time to learn how Parent in the Know can increase your knowledge of your current parenting wellness and your children’s social-emotional-behavioral wellness.

We look forward to facilitating your journey to being a Parent in the Know!